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  1. Application for Auctions, Auctioneers and Estate Sales

    Please use this form to apply for a license to conduct auctions and/or estate sales in the Village.

  2. Board and Commission Volunteer Application

    We appreciate your interest in donating your time to serve on one of the Village's Boards or Commissions. Please use this form to... More…

  3. Commercial Filming/Taping
  4. Request for Police Pension Board Records (FOIA)

    A form to request Riverside Police Pension Board records.

  5. Website Feedback and Comment Form

    Find any issues or want to tell us what you think of the website? Fill out this form.

  1. Application for Garage/ House Sale Permit

    You may have a garage sale or house sale once every calendar year. Use this form to request your permit be sent to you at no charge.

  2. Business License Application

    Please use this form to apply for a Business License in Riverside. The Community Development Department is here to assist you. ... More…

  3. Promote your Business on the Village Website

    If you are a Riverside business and are not currently on the Business Directory or Shop Local Webpage, please fill out this form.

  4. Request for Village Records (FOIA)

    A form to request Village of Riverside records.

Boards & Commissions

  1. Authorization for Photographic Reproduction (Print Only)

    Use this form to request permission to use photographic images from the Collection of the Historical Museum.

  2. Request for DVD of Riverside TV Programming (Print Only)

    This form is to request a DVD copy of a board meeting or special program produced by Riverside TV.

  3. Riverside TV Authorization and Release Form

    This form is to be used to authorize Riverside TV to use your name, voice, pictures, images of work and/or statements made in their... More…

  1. Invasive Plant Trade-In

    For Spring 2023, the LAC is sponsoring a native plant replacement program targeting Buckthorn, Tree of Heaven, and Bush Honeysuckle on... More…

  2. Request for Taping and Broadcast

    Hosting an event or meeting which you would like broadcasted on Riverside TV? Use this form to request consideration for broadcasting. More…

Community Development

  1. Certificate of Compliance

    Form to request the start of the Certificate of Compliance process when selling a property and upload the plat of survey

  2. Residential Rental Registration

    Please use this form to register each rental property of 3 or more units. When registration is submitted, forms will be verified... More…

  1. Contractors License Application

    Use this form to apply for or renew your license to work as a contractor in the Village of Riverside.


  1. Automatic Payment of Utility Bill (Print Only)

    Please use this form to enroll for automatic payment of your utility bill from your checking account.

  2. Request eBilling of Utility Bills

    Did you know that you can receive your Village of Riverside utility bill through e-mail? Complete the form below, validate your e-mail... More…

  3. Vehicle Sticker Application (Print Only)

    Please use this form to apply for a vehicle sticker. It must be printed out and brought or mailed to the Village Offices with your... More…

  1. Business Parking Application

    Business owners must apply for employee parking permits. Parking permits are renewed quarterly and allow employees to park in... More…

  2. Residental/Commuter Permit Parking Wait List

    Use this form to sign up for the wait list and we will contact you as soon as a parking space occurs.

Parks and Recreation

  1. Brick Paver Form

    Use this form to buy a brick with your family name in Patriot's Park.

  2. Volunteer Background Check (Print Only)

    Please fill out this form if you have submitted and been approved to be a volunteer for the Riverside Parks and Recreation Department.

  1. Child Release Form

    This form is for authorization for Parks & Rec to pick up a child from school to the KinderKids Kindergarten Enrichment Program.


  1. Ask the Chief

    Questions or concerns for the Chief of Police? Use this form to contact him directly.

  2. Compliment an Officer

    If you wish to commend the actions of employees of this Department, you may do so here.

  3. Illinois Premise Alert Program

    The Illinois Premise Alert Program gives residents the ability to make first responders responding to an address aware of any unique... More…

  4. Resident Emergency Contact Form

    In case of emergency, the more information the responders have, the safer we all are. Use this form to give the police specific... More…

  5. Submit a Tip

    Do you have information on an unsolved crime or tip for the police? Fill out this form and remain anonymous.

  1. Citizen Complaint

    If you believe that the conduct of an employee was inappropriate, you may request to speak to a supervisor at the police station. This... More…

  2. Graffiti/Vandalism Report

    Keep the community clean by reporting any graffiti or taggers.

  3. Occupancy / Alarm Information (Print Only)

    Alarm permits renew each January. Village ordinance requires any premise with a burglar alarm to have a permit on file with the Police... More…

  4. Speed Trailer Request Form

    Riverside residents and business operators now have the ability to request the placement of the Village's speed trailer.

  5. Vacation Watch Form

    Resident request for security check.

Public Works

  1. Adopt a Bed Program

    Use this form to volunteer your gardening skills to help maintain a specific bed/triangle location in the Village.

  2. Hardscape Permit

    For requests to install or erect any permanent manmade object or structure on Public Land.

  3. Park Banner Request

    Form requesting placement of a temporary banner in Guthrie Park.

  1. General Volunteer Application (Print Only)

    Use this form to become a volunteer for the Village.

  2. Landscape Permit for Parkways

    For Planting or Removal of Trees & Shrubs on Public Land.

Your Government

  1. Board Meeting Speaking Request

    Residents wishing to address the Board should read the public comment guidelines prior to the commencement of the meeting; however,... More…

  1. Comments & Concerns

    The Village of Riverside is here to serve you. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please fill out the form provided... More…