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Board Meeting Speaking Request

  1. Residents wishing to address the Board should read the public comment guidelines prior to the commencement of the meeting; however, per-registration is not required.

    Guidelines for Village Board & Commission Meeting Participation

    1. Public comment is encouraged and an opportunity for comment is provided at all regular and special board and commission meetings. Comments and suggestions on any topic are welcome at any meeting. Begin by clearly stating your name so this information can be included in the meeting minutes.

    2. Individuals are encouraged to preregister to speak at board meeting but preregistration is optional. Preregistration helps ensure accuracy and allows for prompt follow up if needed.

    3. Elected officials will refrain from engaging with speakers unless something patently false is stated or a clarification would aid in understanding an issue. Public comment is an opportunity for citizens to tell board and commission members what they think.

    4.Guidelines for Village Board Meeting Participation may be modified from time to time by the Village Board.

    Anyone with a disability requiring a reasonable accommodation in order to participate in a meeting should contact Cathy Haley, three working days in advance of the meeting if possible. Those wishing to preregister for public comment may do so by completing the form below. Please tell us which board or commission meeting you plan to attend.
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