What do i need to know about railroad safety?
In order to ensure everyone's safety, the Village of Riverside would like to remind all residents to use caution when crossing tracks. Railroad signage descriptions have been provided. Please review the signage information with everyone in your household.


Railroad Crossing Warning Sign
This sign means you are coming to a railroad crossing. Always look both ways and listen carefully to be sure a train is not coming from either direction before crossing the tracks.

Railroad Crossing Gate - Animated

Many railroad crossings have a gate with flashing lights that close when a train is coming. Never go around a closed railroad gate, and never try to get across the track before the train gets there.

Railroad Crossing Light - Flashing

Some crossings which don't have gates may have this sign. When the lights are flashing, a train is coming. You should wait until the train or trains have passed before trying to cross the tracks.

Use Caution When Crossing Railroad Tracks

-Railroad tracks are uneven. You should not try to bicycle, in-line skate or run when crossing tracks.

-Trains are very large and heavy, and take a long time to stop.

-Sometimes when a train has just passed from one direction, another train may be coming from the opposite direction. You might not notice the second train because of the noise from the first train.

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