How do I submit a Freedom of Information Act request and what are the guidelines?

Your request for records must be in writing. The Riverside Police Department doesn’t require the completion of a standard form. You may submit your written request by mail, fax, e-mail or by mail. Be as specific as possible describing the records you’re seeking. Remember, the FOIA is designed to allow you to inspect or receive copies of records, it is not designed to require a public body to answer questions. Tell us whether you would like copies or if you just wish to examine the records in person, you may do either. There’s no fee for up to 50 pages of standard paper copies; for pages beyond 50 and there is a 25 cent cost per-page charge.

You may ask for a waiver of copying fees. To do so, include the following statement in your written FOIA request: “I request a waiver of all fees associated with this request.” In addition, you must include a specific explanation as to why your request for information is in the public interest—not simply your personal interest—and why it merits a fee waiver. Include your name, preferred phone number, mailing address, and, if you wish, your e-mail address.

Public Safety Analyst Sheryl Rini-Lara is the FOIA officer for Riverside Police Department and she can be contacted with questions.

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