Illinois State Officials


207 State House
Springfield, IL 62706



Link: Official Website for the State of Illinois

Name Title Email Phone
Trump, Donald J. President of the United States of America   202-456-1414
Durbin, Dick Illinois Senator   202-224-2152
Duckworth, Tammy Illinois Senator   202-224-2854
Lipinski, Dan Illinois Congressman (3rd District)   202-225-5701
Garcia, Jesus Illinois Congressman (4th District)   202-225-8203
Pritzker, J.B. Governor of Illinois 217-782-0244
Raoul, Kwame Illinois Attorney General 217-782-1099
Sandoval, Martin Illinois State Senator (District 11) 217-782-5304
Landek, Steven Illinois State Senator (District 12) 217-782-8054
Villanueva, Celina Illinois State Representative (District 21)   217-782-7752
Zalewski, Michael Illinois State Representative (District 23)   217-782-5280
Hernandez, Ellizabeth Illinois State Representative (District 24) 217-782-8173
Tobolski, Jeffrey Cook County Commissioner 16th District 312-603-6384
Morrison, Sean Cook County Commissioner 17th District   312-603-4215