Existing Business Resources

Welcome! This webpage is dedicated to existing Riverside businesses. Hopefully it answers any questions you may have about relocating, expanding, getting in touch with the Economic Development Commission, and other resources. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to the Assistant Village Manager.

Renew your Business License

Renew online on the Building Department Online Payment Service by typing in your invoice number.

Relocating within the Village

Is your brick-and-mortar business location moving within the Village? If so, you must obtain a new business license (and liquor license, if applicable). Please complete the relevant applications on the Submit page and return to the Village Clerk.

Expansions, Remodels and Improvements

If your business is expanding, remodeling, or making improvements to the interior or exterior of your building, you will most likely be required to fill out a building permit. Please visit the Building Permit webpage and file an application if necessary. Any questions should be directed to the Assistant Village Manager.

Looking for Financial Assistance?

The Village offers a variety of grant and reimbursement programs for businesses, including the Facade Improvement Program, Economic Incentive Program and the potential for individual developer/business agreements. Please visit the Economic Incentives and Grants webpage for more info and setup a pre-application meeting with the Assistant Village Manager if one of the programs seems right for your business.

Stay Connected

The Village utilizes various social media platforms to communicate resources for small and existing Riverside businesses. If you are not following the Village already on these platforms, now is a great time to join!