Invasive Plant Trade In Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of the 2023 Invasive Plant Trade-In Program

You agree to water your new plant weekly for the first two years after planting whenever temperatures are above 80F and there is less than 1 inch of rain per week.  

You agree to provide a photograph that the invasive that was on the property. The photo should show identifying features of the invasive. 

You agree to provide a photograph of you with the invasive after it was removed.   The invasive will need to be at least two feet tall. 

Applications are on a first-come, first-choice basis and supplies of replacement native plants are limited.  Applications should be made by April 21, 2023.  Once supplies are exhausted you can choose to go on a waiting list for a fall availability of more plants if the LAC budget permits.  

One native plant will be awarded per address. Notice of award of a native plant will be made by email by April 28, 2023, and pick-up will be in May.