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Native Plants and Living Soil and the Joys of Complexity in the Garden - March 23, 2023

Hear what makes native plants native, why they belong in every garden, and how using them can bring new complexity to your garden and joy to your life. Learn why you should and how you can use these wonderful grasses, sedges, flowers, and shrubs without fear, no matter your gardening style.

Training at Swan Pond - May 13, 2022 

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Part 3

Training at Swan Pond - June 24, 2022
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Part 4

Design for the Ages Landscaping Video - January 4, 2022

Home Rain Garden Discussion Panel - April 29, 2021

Walk With the Illinois Botanizer – Aug 10, 2019 Chris Benda takes participants on a walk to identify Illinois native plants.

Talk With the Illinois Botanizer – Aug 10, 2019 Chris Benda discusses Illinois native plants and which ones to grow in your garden

Olmsted’s Offspring: From Riverside to Seaside - Mar 24, 2019 Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk discusses the influence of Frederick Law Olmsted on urban design.

A Bird’s Eye View of Riverside – Sep 27, 2018 Melinda Pruett-Jones discusses how to attract birds to your garden.

Olmsted Society: The Impacts of Exotic Species on Native Trees – Mar 8, 2017 Lydia Scott from the Morton Arboretum discusses various aspects of trees both exotic and native.

Olmsted Society: Riverside’s Arboretum and Swan Pond: Plans and Progress – Jan 20, 2017 Cathy Maloney discusses Riverside’s designation as an arboretum and the plans for Swan Pond.

Olmsted Society: Rethinking Your Lawn – May 11, 2016 Stephanie Walquist from West Cook Wild Ones discusses the benefits of native plants.

Landscape As Community: Riverside in the 21st Century – September, 2015 Scott Mehaffey talks about the importance of Riverside’s green landscape.