Attached Garage & Driveway Regulations 

garage and driveway

Garages & Driveways Committee Meeting Agenda for May 21, 2019

The Village of Riverside Planning and Zoning Commission, Preservation Commission and Village Board have been discussing possible revisions to the village’s zoning regulations on attached garages and their associated driveways for the past several months. The village is looking for ways to ensure that Riverside’s National Historic Landmark designation is not threatened as new construction and redevelopment in residential areas continues. A majority of the new single family homes being built in the village include attached garages that face the street. The concern with this development trend is that as more homes with front facing attached garages and wide front yard driveways are built in an area, they may change the character of the neighborhood, and this could ultimately have a negative impact on our National Historic Landmark designation by decreasing the large front yard open space and parkways and diminishing the landscape. The Village Board will discuss these proposed changes at their meeting on December 6 and public comment is welcome. The proposed text amendment language will be posted on the village website under Community News for residents to view. Any additional details on garage size, driveway size and driveway apron size that will be provided to the Board for discussion will also be posted on that page for residents to view. View draft regulations here