Alarm Permits

Any residence which has a monitored home security system needs an annual alarm permit according to local ordinance. However, fire and medical alert systems do not need a permit and if a resident installs a system they monitor themselves (via computer/cell phone), no permit is needed. Alarm permits renew each January. Village ordinance requires any premise with a burglar alarm to have a permit on file with the police department. Alarm permit forms are mailed to residents each January and the department requests that completed forms be returned by month end along with the $60.00 annual fee. New residents should stop by the Police Department or the village office to pick up an alarm permit application or call the office at 708-447-2700 to request the form be mailed or emailed to them.

The information you provide on the alarm permit application gives first responders critical information enabling them to provide a timely, appropriate response when an alarm is activated. The alarm permit also provides first responders with emergency contact information in the event the property owner is unavailable or unresponsive. These records are updated annually.

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