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Renewals - Currently Unavailable

Pet License Renewals will be mailed out in early August 2023 as the renewal period has changed.

Pet licenses are currently available to be purchased. The deadline for the renewal period is September 30th. Payments will be accepted online, by mail or through the silver drop box outside the Riverside Township Hall, 27 Riverside Rd. Pet tags will be mailed following payment.


Every dog and cat should be registered and licensed with the Village.
Pet licenses must be renewed annually before September 30. The cost of a pet tag is $10. This fee increases to $15 after the renewal period ends. A current Certificate of Rabies Inoculation supplied by a registered veterinarian must be presented at the time of tag purchase.

Residents are reminded that Village ordinance limits the number of pets allowed to five (5) per household. Households with more than a combined total of five (5) dogs and/or cats over the age of three (3) months who can document ownership of specific dogs and cats in excess of the combined total allowed on the date the ordinance was approved may continue to own their existing dogs and/or cats, but may not acquire any new dogs or cats until such time as they are below the maximum number allowed. The burden of proof of ownership prior to the date of approval of this section is on the owner.

Pet license purchases can be made 3 ways:
  • Purchase online!  It's quick and easy.
  • Drop off your pet license application, along with your payment by check, in the silver drop box located outside the Township Hall (pet tags will be mailed to you)
  • Mail in your application with payment to 27 Riverside Road, Riverside, IL 60546. (pet tag will be mailed to you)

Please email with questions or concerns.

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