Water Meters

Meter Replacement

The Village of Riverside will be replacing all water meters throughout the Village over the next few years. Residents will be notified when Village staff would like to schedule their replacement. 

Riverside typically replaces its water meters every 15-20 years due to meter inaccuracies as they age. The new water meters will operate under an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system that allows information on meter performance and water usage to be processed in near real time. The new meter reading system will assist staff with identifying abnormal usage, which is the primary cause of high water bills. Currently, the process utilizes the old meter technology and takes approximately two months to determine if a potential leak exists. Utilizing the new system, residents will be contacted within days so they can check for any potential leaks.

Cost of the Meter

Residents are responsible for the cost of the new meter. The Village has adopted a tiered approach to paying for water meters. For residents that have replaced a water meter in the last 10 years, the Village will cover a portion of the new meter cost, spanning in 10% increments. For more information on the cost of the new meter, please read the flyer, which the Department of Public Works will deliver to your home when your meter is up for replacement.

For those experiencing economic hardship, it is possible to have the costs of your water meter covered. Residents must provide the Village with proof of eligibility or enrollment in any federal, state, or local financial assistance program. Disabled Veterans and Prisoners of War (POWs) qualify for free water meter replacements as long as a VA Benefit Summary Letter is provided.

Please return this form along with supplementary documentation the Village Finance Department, located at 27 Riverside Road, Riverside, IL 60546. Please call the Department with any questions at (708) 447-2700.

Cost Schedule

Size Price
5/8 Inch
5/8 x 3/4 Inch
3/4 S $293
3/4 $293
1 Inch
1 1/2 Inch
2 $1029
3 $1753
4 $2516

Billing & Payment

Within two weeks of water meter replacement, residents will receive a final bill on their old meter. At that point, the Village will setup a new water meter account. All new accounts will be aligned with even numbered months. For example, a bill would be received on the 1st of February and due on the 20th. The following bill would then be received on April 1st and due on April 20th. In addition, the water use on all new accounts will be represented in gallons, not cubic feet, and billed in increments of one thousand (1,000) gallons.

For residents that are setup with the Village’s direct debit program, also known as autopay, it MUST be setup again for the new water account associated with the new meter. This also requires that a NEW invoice cloud account tied to the new water meter be setup if you pay online. Please use this link to sign up for autopay. If you have questions, please call the Village at (708) 447-2700 for assistance.

Size & Pressure

It is important to note a larger meter does not equate to increased water pressure; in fact installing a larger meter may actually result in a drop of pressure. The significant factor in determining the proper meter size is the number of fixtures in the building. By reading the Illinois Plumbing Code page you can get a better idea of the meter size your residence or building requires.


You can set up an appointment and learn the size and price of the meter you need by calling the Department of Public Works.

The following link has more information about the frequently asked questions about Water Meter replacement and installation.