Tree Planting

Forestry actively seeks opportunities to add to the current stock of trees it already maintains in the parks, parkways, and other public lands. Each year, the Village allocates roughly $10,000 for annual tree plantings. Tree planting events include Arbor Day celebrations and the Village's annual fall tree planting contract. 


From year to year, Forestry will also help coordinate a tree planting with local organizations that donate and sponsor a project. To learn about ways you can contribute to reforesting Village green space, read our Tree and Plant Donations page.

Village Tree Planting Guidelines & Regulations

While the village encourages its residents to plant trees, the Village does maintain certain guidelines and regulations to preserve the integrity of Olmsted's Design. Regulation does differ depending on whether the planting is on private or Village property.

Prior to planting, please review your plat of survey to determine property lines.
Plant a tree, someone holding a plant

Public Land

Residents may offer recommendations, time, and resources for planting trees on public property, but the Village does maintain strict oversight. Public land is all land owned by the Village, and does include parkways (land between the sidewalk and street) and setbacks (varies from lot to lot and includes land between the sidewalk and the home).

Permits for Residents Planting on Public Land

Residents wishing to plant a tree on the parkway or setback in front of their home must fill out a permit with the Department of Public Works or participate in the annual tree planting cooperative.

Check your property lines prior to planting to determine private property. If you wish to plant on public space you must obtain a permit.

The permit will then go before the Landscape Advisory Commission (LAC) for review. And finally, in accordance with the advice of the LAC and the Village Forester, Public Works will issue or reject the permit. The Village Forester is always willing to give advice on the selection and location of a tree.

Private Land

In regards to tree planting on private property, the Village can offer advice and has even published recommendations, but the property owner is completely responsible for selecting, purchasing, and providing labor. Read the Village Recommendations and Policies for more information.