Reforestation Efforts

The Village of Riverside is committed to reforestation of trees lost by Emerald Ash Borer (EAB). However, the amount of replacements and funding for such plantings will be a long term process due to budgetary constraints. The Board of Trustees are funding a capital program to mitigate losses associated with EAB. Contact the Forester for more information.

Tree Replacement

The Forester's main priority is to replace trees to increase species diversity on the parkways and parks within the Village of Riverside. If you are interested in replanting and do not wish to wait for funding to become available, you may submit a Parkway Landscape Permit and expedite the process. All permits are required to be reviewed per municipal code and must be approved prior to planting on Village public lands.

Recommended Species

The Forester is available for consultation on a suitable species for the parkway. For a listing of recommended species, please review Landscaping in a Landmark Village (PDF) (page 11) for a listing of recommended species.