Demolition Permits

No building shall be demolished, in whole or in part, without first obtaining a demolition permit (PDF) from the Village.  A Cook County demolition permit is also required to demolish any primary structure (i.e. a house) or accessory building (i.e. a garage or shed) within the Village. 

Preservation Commission Review:

All applications for demolition of residential buildings in the residential zoning districts that have not been designated as a landmark shall be reviewed by the Preservation Commission prior to the issuance of the permit.
Demolition Site

Additional Requirements:

All neighbors within 250 feet of the subject property must be notified of the application for demolition by either personal delivery or by certified mail.  The notification must be completed within 10 days after filing the application with the Village, and the applicant must provide the Village written certification that such notice has been given.  

Written releases from the applicable utility companies must be provided.

A personal visit must be made by the applicant to the owner or adult resident of each property that abuts the subject property to show them the proposed site plan and explain the scope of work and timetable and any special measures being taken. The applicant must provide the Village with a form outlining the visits with dates of visits and attempts.
A land disturbance and site grading permit (PDF) may also be required. 

The original Cook County permit must be submitted with the Village demolition permit application. 
Chain link fencing must be installed prior to the commencement of demolition.  Additionally, at least seven (7) days prior to the commencement of demolition, a notice of demolition must be posted in the front yard of the subject property. (The notice shall be provided by the Village.)

Additional Resources

The Cook County Department of Environmental Control is located at:
     69 W Washington
     Suite 1900
     Chicago, IL 60602
They can be reached by phone at 312-603-8200.

Licensed Contractors

All contractors who work in the Village of Riverside must be licensed in the Village. Learn more about contractor requirements here.