Documents Needed for Building Permit

Permits are issued by the Village Department of Community Development and require the following documents:
  • Completed Building Permit Application (PDF) (Must include a list of all contractors)
  • Copy of the signed contract between the property owner and the General Contractor or signed contracts with each contractor and subcontractor showing the scope of the work and the cost.
  • Plat of Survey
  • 3 sets of architectural-style construction plans (4 sets if grading and for additions with a footprint greater than 400 sq. ft.)
  • Contractor information for each contractor working on the project

Plat of Survey

The Plat of Survey gives a "bird's eye view" of the property showing the location of the primary and secondary structures, driveway, walks, etc. This is usually found with the real estate closing documents given to the owner. Please be aware that the Village of Riverside does not routinely have Plats for each piece of property on file. If your project requires a copy of the Plat of Survey, we will be pleased to make a photocopy for you when you bring in the original.