The Village of Riverside's tree population (approximately 10,000) trees, is one of its most distinct features. The department provides a variety of services to maintain a healthy, diverse stock of trees including:


The Department of Public Works has on staff a Village Forester, who is a certified arborist and pesticide applicator with the State of Illinois. While many of these services are contracted out, all are supervised and managed by our Forester.
Sunbeam through the Forest

Forestry Programs and Community Involvement

The Forestry Department is probably Public Work's most visible and community oriented component. That is because the Forestry Department facilitates community involvement as a part of its mission. To learn more about the many opportunities for you to get involved, click on the links below outlining the programs the Forestry Department provides:


To learn more about forestry and consider the impacts trees have on our region and state, please use the links below: