Street Sweeping

detail of a street sweeper machine car cleaning the roadCurrently the Department of Public Works sweeps the Village around 14 times per year. The Village benefits from street sweeping in several ways:
  • Cleaner Sewers: Leaves and debris on the street after a storm will end up in the sewer, in turn street cleaning reduces blockages and backups.
  • Non-point Source Pollution: Brake shoe dust, oils and other contaminants that are produced by vehicular traffic are removed.
  • Reduces Street Maintenance: Reduces moisture trapped on the road, preventing cracks and deterioration, in turn decreasing infrastructure costs.
  • Vehicle and Pedestrian Safety: Wet leaves in the fall are slippery and can cause accidents


The sweeper operator sweeps the CBD and high traffic areas from 5-7 a.m. on Tuesdays and Fridays. In addition to these periods of sweeping, the entire Village is swept monthly.

Yard Waste Collection

In the fall, the Village is swept weekly for a 6 week period due to leaf accumulation. However, we would remind all residents they are not to sweep their leaves into the street per Village ordinance. It poses several safety and sewer concerns, and the Village does provide yard waste collection.