Street Plowing

It is the goal of the Village of Riverside Public Works Department to maintain Village roadways during the snow and ice season to a bare, or near bare, pavement condition curb-to-curb in order to assure delivery of emergency services and provide access to the motoring public. Report a concern here.

Street Plowing

The Public Works Department will generally commence plowing operations on all major arterial streets when the salt is no longer providing for an effective melt and/or the streets are determined to be unsafe.  The Department has adopted a pro-active approach to snow and ice control which include application of a salt brine solution in advance of a snow event.

Snow & Ice Removal Priorities

  1. Collectors (main roads that run through the Village), the Central Business District (CBD), Village parking lots, Train Station Platform Area, and streets near schools cleared first;
  2. Secondary streets and all other parking lots are cleared second;
  3. Cul-de-sacs, alleys, dead-ends, and remaining sidewalks in CBD area are cleared last because they are very time-consuming and the least traveled streets.

Snowplow in Action