Domestic Violence Information

Model Domestic Abuse Program

The Riverside Police Department's Model Domestic Abuse Program has been so successful because it is pro-active and predicated upon several very important elements, principle of which is the close coordination of effort among several criminal justice agencies. The Riverside Police Department, the State's Attorneys Office, the Courts, Probation Department, the Constance Morris House and Sarah's Inn Women's Shelter all work together to produce an extremely effective program. 

While every defendant that appears before a court is assured of all the constitutional and statutory protections to which he or she is entitled, our involvement goes far beyond the adjudicatory stage. Once guilt has been established by trial before judge or jury, or through an admission of guilt, an entirely new phase of the criminal justice process takes place, namely protecting the public, particularly the victim, and the rehabilitation of the offender to the extent possible. With the establishment of the mandatory arrest policy instituted by the Riverside Police Department, we continue to be a leader in community-based domestic abuse protocol.

We, as police, are on the front line of abuse prevention. Additionally, we must recognize that police are a very important link in a victim's 1st step in taking back control of their life and their effort to free themselves from the violence. How we intervene is critical in the prevention of further abuse. 

Riverside Police Department's Domestic Violence Program Goals

  • To protect, encourage, and empower victims to seek legal assistance.
  • To control batterers and hold the accountable for their violence.
  • To prevent domestic abuse by redefining it as a serious crime in the minds of the public and the criminal justice community.
Although law enforcement involvement is essential, we cannot solve the problem of domestic violence alone. Domestic violence is truly a community problem. The Riverside Police Department's model program highlights the need for collaborative efforts with shelter groups, shelter service agencies, medical and education professionals and the community at large in order to stop domestic violence and create a safer world for those who are abused and their children.

Reporting Domestic Abuse/Violence

To report domestic abuse/violence call the Riverside Police Department emergency phone line at 911. If you are outside the Village of Riverside and want to report domestic violence on behalf of a family member or friend call 708-447-2127.