Water & Sewer Locates

The Village participates in the Joint Utility Locating and Information for Excavators (JULIE) program, which locates and marks underground utilities in preparation for excavation. Anyone digging, regardless of the depth of the project, is required by Illinois law to call into JULIE at 800-892-0123. This notice must be at least 48 hours/two working days prior to the start of excavation, and the project must begin within 14 calendar days from the call.

Contractor Responsibilities

If you are having work done around your house which requires excavation, your contractor will call into JULIE. They will then notify Public Works to locate any water and sewer lines with blue (water) and green (sewer) spray paint. All utilities will be located on the property and surrounding area, independent of where the actual work is being done. For more information visit our Joint Utility Locating and Information for Excavators page.