Scout Cabin & Parks Rental Information

The Scout Cabin

Reservations made available by the Parks and Recreation Department to community organizations, residents, non-resident organizations and businesses. Rentals are available for a six hour time slot, and reservations are accepted up to 60 days in advance of your event. The cabin is heated, has a window air conditioner, ceiling fan, washrooms, 5 picnic tables, a cook-top range, refrigerator, microwave and a fireplace. It's a great place to have a special event or a family function!


Parks and Ball Fields are available for rental in 2 hour time slots Monday through Saturday.  Any group/team of more than 8 individuals must obtain a permit prior to using the fields.

Access to the Scout Cabin

Upon confirmation of your rental you will be given a specific access pin code for front door entrance. Your access code will activate at the exact start time of your rental, no sooner. Your activation code will only be valid during your rental time and is used to lock and unlock the front door. You must lock the front door prior to your rental end, or it will not lock and you will be held responsible for any damage or theft.

The Scout Cabin is located at 417 Fairbank Ave. Riverside, IL. Renters and Guests may park on Fairbank Ave. The path and lot near the cabin must remain vacant for emergency vehicle access


The contract is not available online; you must come into our office located at 43 E. Quincy Ave. to complete the rental form. You must be 21 years of age, show proof of identification (provide a copy of your drivers license with application), and receive approval by the Director of Parks and Recreation. A rental is not complete until all fees are paid, all forms are turned in, and the rental agreement is signed by the Director of Parks and Recreation.

All renters must be cognizant of sound ordinances and our Riverside neighbors. While a fireplace and grill are available for your use, you must provide all materials and are responsible for the clean up. 

At the end of your Scout Cabin rental, please fill out the user guide checklist and drop in the mailbox onsite. 

Scout Cabin General Information

  • You must have all required documents, payments, and COIs at time of request. Applications will not be accepted without all required materials.
  • Reservations can be requested up to two month in advance.
  • $250 for residents / $375 for non-residents for a 6 hour time block. You may purchase up to 2 additional hours at $50 per hour.
  • A deposit check of $250 is required for all Scout Cabin rentals. This deposit is eligible for refund as long as no damage is done during your rental.
  • There is an additional $100 fee if you intend to have alcohol at your party. 
  • Certificates of Insurance listing the Village of Riverside, 27 Riverside Rd. Riverside, IL 60546, are required if your party will have alcohol or if you intend to rent items (i.e tents, bounce house, etc).
  • If you are a community not for profit organization please contact us as your rates may differ.

Call the Parks and Recreation Department at 708-442-7025 for the fees and schedule. You are responsible for following all rules and regulations.