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Brick Paver Form (Print Only)

  1. We have almost achieved our goal to not use Tax Dollars in the Park Construction.

    We have sold over 400 Brick Pavers which are installed in the council ring between the two play areas. 200 more bricks are available for engraving. That's the good news...

    Unfortunately, because the pavers have been installed, the on-site engraving costs are much higher than the pre-installation cost. In order to raise the last portion of our goal, we need to receive the same donation amount per brick, which means we have to increase the brick cost to cover the on-site engraving. This raises the cost per brick to $300.

    Please note, our retained donation remains the same, the increased cost is to offset the engraving charges.

  2. Patriot's Park Brick Diagram

  3. Maximum 20 Characters including spaces.

  4. Please complete the form and mail with your payment (payable to Village of Riverside) of $300.00 to

    Riverside Recreation Department,
    Attention Buy-A-Brick Fund,
    27 Riverside Drive,
    Riverside, IL 60546

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