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Olmsted Map

Riverside:  Nature by Design - 150 Years

The General Plan of Riverside of 1869 is 150 years old.  In 1868, the Riverside Improvement Company hired the Olmsted & Vaux Co. to design Chicago’s first planned suburb.  Frederick Law Olmsted submitted a Preliminary Report to the RIC and then designed the General Plan.  Olmsted & Vaux had designed Central Park in New York City and were the most famous Landscape Architectural firm in the United States.

The General Plan of Riverside 1869 is world famous because of its unique design.  Of the original 1600 acres of land purchased by the RIC from David Gage, 700 acres were set aside for green space creating a park like setting for the suburb.  The best of urban and rural characteristics were incorporated into Olmsted’s Plan. The creation of Riverside was “Nature by Design.”  Residents are the benefactors of the Plan and stewards of this wonderful community.  Watch for updates regarding opportunities to celebrate the Olmsted legacy and learn more about the history of our National Landmark Community.