General Information

  1. Child Safety Seats

    The Riverside Police Department has a certified child safety seat technician who can assist with proper installation of an infant carrier base, child safety seat or booster seat in your vehicle.

  2. Coyote Information

    The Riverside Police Department has responded to an increase in coyote sightings and encounters in residential and park areas within the Village.

  3. Identity Theft

    Read a letter from the Police Chief on identity theft.

  4. Domestic Violence

    The Riverside Police Department's Model Domestic Abuse Program has been so successful because it is proactive and predicated upon several very important elements, principle of which is the close coordination of effort among several criminal justice agencies.

  5. Parking on Village Streets

    Read through parking ordinances for the City of Riverside.

  6. Sex Offenders

    Illinois law requires that all convicted sex offenders register with the local police department or county sheriff in the communities in which they live.

  7. Vacation & House Watch

    Take a few simple steps to reduce the possibility of becoming a victim of a burglary or other criminal acts against your home.