Public Works

Public Works is charged with the primary responsibility of maintaining the Village of Riverside's:

  • Infrastructure buildings
  • Parklands
  • Parkways
  • Roads
  • Utilities
  1. Forestry

    The Village of Riverside’s tree population (approx. 10,000) trees, is one of its most distinct features. The department provides a variety of services to maintain a healthy, diverse stock of trees.

  2. Street & Landscape

    Public Works is responsible for the maintenance of over 34 miles of road, 4 parks, Indian Garden and Swan Pond, and over 60 islands, triangles and commons.

  3. Trash & Yard Waste

    Learn about Riversides trash and yard waste collection and the steps being taken to take care of the environment.

  4. Wildlife

    Learn about why The Village is limited in its ability to respond to calls about wildlife and dead animals.

  5. Water & Sewer

    The Water & Sewer division of Public Works is primarily responsible for maintenance of the water main system, sanitary and storm sewer system.

Special Thanks

To the many Eagle Scout projects, High School Service, and Volunteer Days that have helped beautify and maintain our Village. We express our gratitude to the parents, teachers, volunteers and individuals who helped coordinate projects this year.